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  • June 12, 2021 2 min read 1 Comment

    If you aren’t a dog lover, then you will probably shake your head about people you know who wear all manner of clothing from t-shirts to jumpers, underpants and beyond that spruik just how great their dog is, or how much they love dog. It’s not really a concept that can be explained to non dog lovers as it's truly an emotional thing connected to the heart, far more than the head.

    To start with, some people just LOVE their dog. They spend most of their waking moments thinking about their dog, sharing their living space with their dog and generally just enjoying the unconditional companionship their dog brings. Wearing a t-shirt about their dog is just another way to keep their beloved pooch close. Very close.

    A lot of dog lovers also have a pretty whacky sense of humour that they enjoy sharing with other dog lovers and a tshirt is a great way to do this.  When you cohabit a house with your dog, you tend to develop a pretty robust sense of humour as you deal with all the joys that living in close confines with a canine brings. Pet hair everywhere, is of course one of the first things most non dog lovers would associate negatively with having a dog in one's life. To a dog lover though, this is simply glitter their furry friend leaves for them as a constant reminder of their mutual affection.

    Many dog lovers also think the world would be a much better place if there were simply more dog lovers in the world. Not just dog “owners”, but rather true dog lovers. So wearing a t-shirt conveying the importance of dogs in your life might just encourage others that haven’t yet experienced the joys of being a dog mum or dad to give it a go.

    A dog themed t-shirt is also a great conversation starter. Many dog lovers tend towards being slightly introverted in social situations (particularly without their dog) and so wearing a t-shirt that subtly (or not so subtly) conveys one's opinions on important matters in life can be a great icebreaker. At the very least a fun dog t-shirt can help you weed out other dog lovers from the crowd and avoid those awkward discussions that can arise with people that love cats. 😉

    Of course every dog lover thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong, however this is where things can heat up a little between dog lovers. Purebred folks can tend towards being “breedist” and there is always the great political divide between the adopt-don’t-shop campaigners and purebred dog breeders. So your dog themed t-shirt might convey that you are a particular type of dog person and where you are positioned politically in the dog park.

    Whatever the reason behind why you or your dog crazy friend might want to wear a t-shirt about dogs, they are all valid.  A t-shirt is a universal wardrobe staple that can be dressed up or down and if someone wants to wear an item of clothing about their dog, then more power to them. Go forth and spread the love!

    ~ Belinda ~

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    Jo Whitelaw
    Jo Whitelaw

    July 10, 2021

    Your company certainll lol y sounds a goer; so will be glad when I can order(gotta sell a few unwanted items first, as only Aged Pension as Income! But, good that you use Zip & Apple Pay!
    I think that when I do order I may have to go with Men’s Regular as I’m a bit on the bigger size!
    I have 2 Chihuahua/Mini Fox Terrier Sisters (5yrs old) & 2 Tortishell Cats(Mother & Daughter 7 yrs old-for both); I also am an Appaloosa Lover(was a Breeder/Trainer & showed & imported an Appaloosa Stallion back in 1990!
    Rippley & Grandy-dogs; Tiggy & Tayla-Cats & ROCK-A-SON was Stallion
    Till later!

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