Dalmatian Patch Crew Socks

Turquoise Blue

A fun design celebrating our gorgeous spotty furriends, with a special shoutout to those of the breed blessed with a patch in addition to their spectacular spots.

Socks shouldn't be boring and we hereby pledge to fight against boring socks with fun animal themed designs that reflect who you really are.

Our socks feel great on your feet and bring a smile to your face all at the same time.

95% Polyester, 5% elastane/spandex.

These crew socks are a medium thickness (not too thick, not too thin) and are printed all over. They are a versatile sock that is fun to wear in the gym, walking down the street, in bed and everywhere in between. Fully stretched they will reach to the base of your calf, or slouch it down a little if you prefer something more in between.

How To Care for Furriends Socks:

You want to snuggle with your Furriends socks for a long time, so treat them well and they will be your faithful companions for a long time. We recommended washing them inside out with like colours in cold water (not ice cold… just tap cold) via machine or hand. Skip the bleach and fabric softener. To prevent the sock monster from stealing one of your cherished socks, you can pop them into a garment/laundry bag so they emerge on the other side still as a committed couple. (If you have a canine or feline sock thief you may need to implement additional, more robust, safety measures!) Once washed, hang your socks out to dry which is good for your socks and the environment too.

Of course you are free to wash your socks however you choose. But this is what we recommend. Harsh chemicals and heat will shorten the lifespan of your socks. So don’t poison them, and don’t iron them… seriously.. why would you do that?

Customer Reviews

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Virginia Longley

tHESE WERE BOUGHT AS PRESENTS FOR Xmas. i think they will be appreciated but will not know till try out achieved!