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  • Signature Trainer Socks


    These Australian Made 🇦🇺 Furriends Signature Trainer Socks will be a wardrobe staple for any active pet lover and will pair perfectly with the rest of your Furriends gear. These socks are designed to sit just below your ankle bone and feature our cute Furriends logo on the padded back cuff which peeps out just over the top of your shoe.

    • 1 pair per pack
    • Terry footbed
    • Mesh panels in the upper for breathability
    • 80% Cotton, 15% Nylon, 5% Spandex.
    • Made in Australia
    • Sizes: Youth: 3-7; Adults: 7-10, 9-12 (based on Mens sizing)

    How To Care for Furriends Socks:

    You want to snuggle with your Furriends socks for a long time, so treat them well and they will be your faithful companions for a long time. We recommended washing them inside out with like colours in cold water via machine or hand. Skip the bleach and fabric softener. To prevent the sock monster from stealing one of your cherished socks, you can pop them into a garment/laundry bag so they emerge on the other side still as a committed couple. (If you have a canine or feline sock thief you may need to implement additional, more robust, safety measures!) Once washed, hang your socks out to dry which is good for your socks and the environment too.

    Of course you are free to wash your socks however you choose. But this is what we recommend. Harsh chemicals and heat will shorten the lifespan of your socks. So don’t poison them, and don’t iron them… seriously.. why would you do that?

    Customer Reviews

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    Lauren Jordan
    BEST Socks Ever!

    Seriously, these are the most comfy pair of socks I own! So soft and cushioning in all the right places! Perfect for training at the gym or going for a run (or anything in a running shoe) as the little tab at the back stops your shoe rubbing on the back of your heel and also stops them from falling down. I even wear these in my low cut dress boots!
    Absolutely LOVE these socks! I now have 7 pairs!